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PSC QuickScan Laser 

   PSC QuickScan Laser

Welch Allyn 3800LR-12   

 Welch Allyn CCD 3800LR & 3800LX-USB   

Intermec T2090

 Intermec T2090 w/laser


Star SP-212 Receipt Printer


Intermec 2410 Portable Terminal







Wireless Scanner

This is a sample of our Service Agreement, we will be happy to e-mail or fax or send via US Mail, an original upon your request.

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between BARCODE-DEPOT, referred to herein as 'BARCODE-DEPOT' and: "CustomerName" referred to herein as 'CUSTOMER'

1. BARCODE-DEPOT will make its best efforts to repair all items of equipment appearing on the Equipment List set out in §2 hereof and all items of equipment appearing on any Addendum attached to this document by the Parties, if such items malfunction under normal use. BARCODE-DEPOT will not be obliged to repair any such item if it malfunctions as a result of:

a) a modification of such item by a person other than its manufacturer, or BARCODE-DEPOT, or

b) damage sustained by such item through a cause other than the wear and tear of ordinary use, such as, but not restricted to, abuse, heavy pressure or impact, immersion in liquid, or exposure to extreme temperature. If abuse is detected customer will be contacted to authorize additional charges. BARCODE-DEPOT is not responsible for delays caused by the customer in obtaining such approvals.

2. Qty     Mfg.     Model/Configuration Serial Numbers Repair Time After Receipt Date Cost per Unit Subtotal

Notes: "Notes"

Total Basic Charge:  Total Monthly Charge:  Total Yearly Charge: 

This list may be continued in an attachment to this document


3. BARCODE-DEPOT will, at CUSTOMER'S specific request, make its best efforts to repair any item of equipment which does not appear on the Equipment List or any Addendum thereto, or which is excluded from BARCODE-DEPOT' general service obligation by §1 hereof, but the cost of such repairs will not be included in any Basic Charge agreed on in §2 hereof. Such repairs will, instead, be performed by BARCODE-DEPOT on time and materials basis, and billed to customer as an extra item. As used in this Agreement, the phrase 'time and materials' means payment for repairs effected by BARCODE-DEPOT at BARCODE-DEPOT's then prevailing hourly rates.

4. The Basic Charge is the sum of all the monthly charges which are payable by CUSTOMER in respect of each items of covered equipment in any given month. BARCODE-DEPOT will invoice CUSTOMER in respect of the Basic Charge and any other applicable charges at the end of the first month following the execution of this Agreement and thereafter at the end of each subsequent month. Invoices will be paid within thirty (30) days of receipt, and interest will be paid on overdue amounts at the rate of 1.5% per month or part thereof.

5. CUSTOMER will dispatch all items of equipment to be serviced or repaired hereunder to BARCODE-DEPOT freight prepaid, and BARCODE-DEPOT will deliver such items to the carrier, freight prepaid UPS ground, within the repair time agreed upon in §2 above. If CUSTOMER requests that the equipment be returned to it by a faster method, CUSTOMER will bear the cost of such return. CUSTOMER will bear the risk of any loss of, or damage to, equipment in transit.

6. The term of this Agreement will commence on its execution, and continue until the end of the last day before its first anniversary date. Unless either party delivers to the other the cancellation notice agreed on in §7, the Agreement will automatically be renewed for successive one-year periods starting with the anniversary date of each previous period, and terminating on the day before such anniversary date in the next year.

7. This Agreement can be canceled at the end of the initial one-year term or at the end of any subsequent one- year renewal period in respect of some or all of the equipment, by either party giving the other party written notice of such cancellation at least thirty (30) days before the end of the one-year term or renewal period in which the notice is given. Any obligations that by their nature continue after the termination of this Agreement will (no matter how that termination is effected) remain binding upon the parties.

8. If any items of equipment are lost, stolen, or destroyed, CUSTOMER may notify BARCODE-DEPOT in writing of the serial numbers of such items and the Basic Charge will, starting in the billing month immediately succeeding the receipt of such notification, be reduced by the amount of the monthly service charge payable in respect of such items. Customer may notify BARCODE-DEPOT to increase quantities of equipment listed on in § 2. Such items will be added in the billing month immediately succeeding the receipt of such notification.

9. BARCODE-DEPOT will provide all the labor and material necessary to perform the repair obligation undertaken in §1 hereof. This Agreement does not cover main batteries, cables, power supplies, print heads or other consumable and accessories unless itemized in § 2. BARCODE-DEPOT's liability in respect of this undertaking is limited to repayment of the maintenance fee charged for the item of equipment in respect of which incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other kind of civil liability connected with this Agreement.

10. CUSTOMER will not request BARCODE-DEPOT to install or copy software onto any item of equipment to be serviced or repaired under this Agreement unless CUSTOMER is the owner of that software, or CUSTOMER is licensed to request the installation or copying of that software onto the Equipment. CUSTOMER agrees that, if it has requested such copying or installation, it will indemnify BARCODE-DEPOT against any claims, demands and actions alleging that BARCODE-DEPOT has infringed a patent, trade mark, copyright or trade secret right of a third party by installing or copying that software onto the Equipment.

11. BARCODE-DEPOT will not be responsible for any delay in delivery, or failure to deliver any Equipment if such delay or failure results from causes beyond the control of BARCODE-DEPOT, including but not limited to, acts of God, labor disputes, delay or failure of suppliers or of transportation, or government acts.

12. No charge payable by CUSTOMER to BARCODE-DEPOT under this Agreement includes any federal, state, provincial or local taxes (including without limitation any sales or use taxes). CUSTOMER will reimburse BARCODE-DEPOT for all such applicable taxes that may be levied by any taxing authority other than a tax on the income of BARCODE-DEPOT.

13. This Contract constitutes the entire agreement of the parties to it. It supersedes all prior proposals, discussions, correspondence or communication. It may only be modified by a subsequent agreement in writing signed by both parties.

14. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Alabama and courts of that State will have jurisdiction (but not exclusive jurisdiction) to determine all questions relating to this Agreement.

EQUIPMENT SERIAL NUMBER LIST The execution of this document by BARCODE-DEPOT and includes the following items of equipment under all the terms of the Service Agreement No: dated "Date", between the parties.


Need Help?  Got questions? 


Barcode-Depot Equipment Loaner Document in consideration of the potential sale of the equipment listed in paragraph 1b. is loaning to “CUSTOMER NAME”, “TITLE”, of the “LIBRARY NAME”,  Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx   “E-MAILADDRESS”


For the period of ten (10) calendar days, for your review and inspection of the Intermec Transaction Manager System.  Which is to be used in conjunction with the “LIBRARY NAME”, and the installed Library Automation Software known as “Unicorn” and or “Workflows”, to perform inventory transactions. 


The equipment is shipped in original equipment boxes with proper packing to protect against damage.  The equipment is in new or like new condition, and is available for sale as described on our web site, as used/refurbished equipment.


After receipt at your location, inspect the equipment for any damage, if so; note this discrepancy on the shippers document.  Then call, fax, or e-mail Barcode-Depot and report the damage as soon as possible.  Your office will be required to initiate the claim process with the shipping company (United Parcel Post) or (Federal Express), if damage is observed.


1b.  Equipment being forwarded to "CUSTOMER NAME and ADDRESS" is the following:

1. Intermec TRAKKER model T2090B0132500  Value $ 1,085.00 (used/demo)

2.  Intermec Communications Dock model TD2090 Value $ 150.00 (used/demo)

3.  Intermec AC adapter/Power Supply Value $ 76.00 (used/demo)

Upon completion of the evaluation process, you may choose to retain the demonstration equipment for the value of $1,311.00 plus shipping and handling fee of $12.45.  Or you may order a new unit as shown on our web page:   for the total value of $1,713.00 plus shipping and handling fee of $12.45


If you decide to return the evaluation equipment, please insure the Intermec Kit for the Value of $1,311.00


I agree to the terms as described in the preceding paragraphs.   


Signed: _____________________________ Date: ____/_____/______

               “CUSTOMER NAME”, “TITLE”,


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