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As owners of the TRAKKER model 9440, depot maintenance that has been provided by Intermec Corporation will terminate effective June 30th 2001.  You have invested in this product in terms of dollars and time.  You do not desire to replace a proven tool that is capable of being used in a "Stand a Lone" mode.  This 9440 can do all the important functions that your workstation can do, Inventory, Use Item, Create User, Charge Item, Discharge Item, Renew Item and Pay.  The newer models of Intermec TRAKKERS only perform Inventory functions.



Are you a current owner/user of the Intermec TRAKKER model 9440 or 9445?
As to the Intermec 9440 E-Prom upgrade.  It is the single most exciting breakthrough Barcode Depot has stumbled upon.  We were able to take our PC.Irl application that we install into the 9440 for our Workflows customers, and write this program to a E-Prom and get it to interface with the operating system on the Intermec 9440 series TRAKKER.
What this does for the Workflows customer is to extend the lifespan of the Internal Lithium Ion backup battery.   It ALMOST doubles the capacity of the storage capacity of your basic 9440E020302 model (goes from 1000 records to 1,900 records after the E-Prom upgrade).  Even if you let the 9440 set on the shelf for 12 months without ever charging the external 1000mAh NiCad battery, the only thing you will need to reset the Time & Date.  The Application software is permanently burned into the E-Prom, so you can NEVER damage, corrupt, or delete.
If you choose to take advantage of this E-Prom upgrade we will completely go through the 9440, clean it up , install a new Lithium Ion internal backup battery, install the new E-Prom and provide you with a 6 month warranty for the complete unit.  We will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with your unit, except if you drive over it with a bookmobile!
The total cost per 9440 for all of the above is $388.00.   

We at Barcode-Depot are offering Depot Maintenance for your Intermec 9440 Transaction Manager.  We are offering a 12-month and a 24-month plan.  

Description SKU # Price
INTERMEC 9440Ex 12 Month Depot $270.00
INTERMEC 9440Ex 24 Month Depot $488.00
Software Maintenance 12 Month Depot   $50.00

Our Depot Maintenance does not cover the accessories or the external 1000mAh NiCaD battery.  Our Depot Maintenance covers only the 9440.



By purchasing Software Maintenance in addition to a 12-month contract your 9440 is covered against loss of application software and a discharged internal backup Lithium Ion battery

If your 9440 internal Lithium Ion Backup battery is discharged due to not maintaining a charged external 1000mAh NiCaD battery, and the resident application software is deleted, this is not due to a failure of the 9440.  Barcode-Depot will replace the internal Lithium Ion Backup battery and reload Intermec's PC-IRL Operating System software.  There is a per occurrence fee for this repair.  This type of failure can be avoided by replacing your external 1000mAh NiCaD batteries every 3 years, also by charging/discharging and rotating your  NiCaD batteries on a monthly basis. 

Need a new battery? CLICK HERE for Pricing.


Description SKU # Price
Replace Backup Battery 3VLIBB $38.00
Reload Intermec OS PC-IRL $45.00
Shipping/Handling Ship-UPS $12.55

You may choose to purchase an annual PC.IRL program maintenance contract.  For the cost of one occurrence of loosing your PC.IRL program, you can insure your 9440 for $58.00 which will cover the loss of your PC.IRL program for as many times as it may occur.  This is subject to annual review.

CUSTOMER will not request Barcode-Depot to install or copy software onto any item of equipment to be serviced or repaired under this Agreement unless CUSTOMER is the owner of that software, or CUSTOMER is licensed to request the installation or copying of that software onto the Equipment.  CUSTOMER agrees that, if it has requested such copying or installation, it will indemnify Barcode-Depot against any claims, demands and actions alleging that Barcode-Depot has infringed a patent, trade mark, copyright or trade secret right of a third party by installing or copying that software onto the Equipment.

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